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Wissenschaftliche Projekte

Running Studies

 Name  Sponsor  Type of study  Question
 DO-HEALTH  EU  Multicenter, randomized,
 Effect of Vitamin D3, Omega-3
 Fatty Acid, Home Exercises on
 chronic diseases (geriatric)?
 I-DAC  EU  Multicenter prospective
 randomized controlled
 Safety and Efficacy of Implant 
 Disposable Antibacterial
 Coating for prevention of
 Infection in patients
 undergoing osteosynthesis 
 Philos +  AO-CID   Multicenter prospective
 randomized controlled
 Philos plate in proximal humerus
 fractures with or without cement
 EPOCA  AO CID  Multicenter prospective
 randomized cohort
 Hemi or total shoulder
 arthroplasty in omarthrosis?
 PFNA Aug vs
 AO CID  Multicenter prospective
 randomized controlled
 Proximal Femoral Nail in
 pertrochanteric fractures with or 
 without cement augmentation?
 PILON  AO CID  Multicenter prospective
 Effect of fracture reduction and
 its influence on functional results
 in patients with pilon frac
 SCI POEM  AO CID  Multicenter
 Prognostic Factors and
 Therapeutic Effects of Surgical
 Treatment for Traumatic Spinal
 Column Injury with Spinal Cord
 GFC  AO CID   Multicenter prospective
 cohort observational 
 Effect/benefit of the geriatric
 fracture center concept?
 (Major adverse events with a
 relationship to the treatment
 residental status +
 TFNA registry  AO CID   Multicenter prospective
 case series,
 observational study 
 Trochanter Fixation Nail
 Antirotation in patients with
 TEN vs LCP  AO TRAUMA (A)  Bicentric prospective
 randomized controlled
 cohort study
 Titanium Endomedullars Nail  or Locking Contact Plate in
 multifragmental dislocated 
 clavicle fractures?
 CPP Registry
 (AO CID) 
 Registry   Implementation of a Registry
 and Biobank on Bone Infection
 to Improve Patient Outcomes
 and Research Efforts?
 XIAPEX  Pfizer  Multicenter prospective
 observational (NIS)
 Success rate, complications
 and adverse events?
 ACL-Repair  Investigator
 initiated trial (=IIT)
 (Arthrex conrib.)
 Multicenter prospective
 case series
 Clinical Outcome and ACL
 Healing after ACL-Repair?
 (Suture technique)
 PLLA vs
 initiated trial
 (Arthrex conrib.)
 randomized controlled
 cohort study
 Interferenzschrauben in der 
 Kreuzbandchirurgie: PLLA or
 Biocomposite "Resorption und
 ACL Tightrope
 initiated trial
 (Arthrex / AGA
 randomized controlled
 cohort study
 Clinical Outcome and Tunnel
 Widening after Hamstring
 Anterior Cruciate
 Ligament Reconstruction.
 Aperture or cortical fixation?
 Kapsel-DRF  Investigator
 initiated trial
 randomized controlled
 Clinical outcome of distal
 intraarticular radius fractures
 with/without reduction of joint
 capsule (arthroscopy)
 AAK  Investigator
 initiated trial
 randomized controlled
 Clinical outcome of distal
 intraarticular radius fractures
 treated with/without  arthroscopy or arthrotomy
 ImRe  Investigator
 initiated trial
 randomized controlled
 case-control study
 Effect and Benefit of Implant
 Removal in distal radius
 Pelvic kons
 vs op
 initiated trial
 randomized controlled
 case-control study
 Effect of posterior pelvic ring
 injuries in older patients with
 conservative or operative
 Repo  Investigator
 initiated trial
 randomized controlled
 case-control study
 Difference of two reduction
 techniques in patients with a
 distal radius fracture with
 regards to clinical and
 radiological outcome?
 µCT  Investigator
 initiated trial
 Prospective cohort
 study (case series)
 Effect of Local Remodelling
 and Mechanoregulation of
 Bone Fracture Healing in
 healthy, aged,
 and Osteoporotic Humans?
 ASDU  I.T.S.  Prospective case
 Effect of the Angular Stable
 Distal Ulnaplate in distal
 ulnafractures (a small
 fragmentedplate system)?
 initiated trial
 Prospective case
 To standardize methods for
 the  histological
 characterization of the
 formation of a scaphoid
 FijiAnchor  SportWelding  Prospective case
 Effect of Reconstruction /
 Refixation of Ligament Rupture
 in hand and wrist with
 Sonication  Investigator
 initiated trial
 Prospective case 
 Bacterial Colonization of
 Traumatological Fixation
 Devices in the Absence of 
 Clinical Infection?


Prospective Data Collection

 Name  Sponsor
 Joint Replacement Registery Tyrol (Quality control/documentation forknee and
 hip prothesis institute of epidemiology)


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